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     "The people at Historical Films are dedicated to presenting a uniquely balanced approach to the Civil War experience."

  D. Scott Hartwig, Author and Supervisory Historian at Gettysburg National Military Park

     Historical Films can provide all of the phases of historical filmmaking, from concept generation to script development, set design and construction, production, final cut - even program duplication, packaging and distribution.


     Historical Films can develop a project from its very inception - the concept - and carry it through the treatment, script development, site surveys, casting, scheduling and all the logistics that go into shooting a movie and fielding an army. Below left, we research the famous Rosenstock photograph (Frederick, Maryland) and at right, the scene as we staged it.


Set Design and Production

     Although part of pre-production, we emphasize this capability because our sets are historically accurate, functional and substantial. For "Antietam" we built a replica of the Dunker Church (see construction photo and production still of church below), as well as a recreation of the town of Boonsboro. HFI constructed a full-scale, 300-foot pontoon bridge for "Gods and Generals", and a frontier fort and log cabin for PBS's production of "The War That Made America."


     HFI works in all high-end formats: 35mm and super 16mm motion picture film and HDTV high definition video. We can field a crew, or an army, or both - and recreate historical settings, battle sequences, entire villages and towns.

Special Effects (FX)

     HFI designs and executes its own special effects on location, including explosions, blood squibs, a variety of medical effects and all the other effects you'd find in a major Hollywood production.

Post Effects, Editing and Audio Sweetening

     HFI edits in high definition and uses a variety of programs to create audio and visual post effects - like the example below, showing a frame from "Soldiers All," captured on location, and after adding an army in the background.

Program Duplication and Release

     All of the artwork for the programs featured on our site was designed and produced here at HFI. We can take the program direct from the edit timeline and convert it to any format - for theatrical projection or DVD duplication. In short, we can take a project from the beginning to the end.