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The Antietam Effect

The Antietam Effect

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by Bradley Graham
New Book
This new, 450 page book challenges myths and creates new perspectives, making new connections, and clearing the way to a better understanding of the continuing relevance of the events of this cataclysmic day.

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Gordon Rhea"Historical Films represents a significant advancement in using all the tools of the humanities - film, drama and interpretation - to breathe life into history."

Gordon Rhea
Author / Historian




The Antietam Effect

The Antietam Effect

This book is history in action. Whether you are a scholar, a history buff or someone who thinks that the past is over and done with, The Antietam Effect was researched and written for you. From every-day concerns, like what goes into our decision-making process, to large, fundamental issues, such as what the Constitution means and how it works, this ten-part study will give you new perspectives of the people who fought the American Civil War at its pivotal moment: the Antietam Campaign of September, 1862.

The Antietam Effect is being called “a grand achievement,” and “that rarity in the Civil War genre: a truly unique approach.” Based on a decade of research and analysis by the author, historian and filmmaker Bradley Graham, these essays challenge some of the prevailing myths about Antietam, and bring important aspects of the campaign into harmony with contemporary accounts, historical evidence and military theory. But there is more. The book’s multi-disciplinary approach answers many questions, solves some of the mysteries of the battle, and makes connections with other sciences, clearing the way for a better understanding of the campaign, and the way these events effect our lives to this day.

Here's what's inside:

Chapter One: American Rubicon
Tapping the Constitutional roots beneath the Confederate invasion of Maryland, and its role in Southern strategy to win the war.

Chapter Two: Resting on a Broken Staff
Relating what we know about untrained troops, and unit bonding and cohesion, to McClellan’s raw regiments at the Battle of Antietam.

Chapter Three: Murder By Piecemeal
Discovering how the weather, hard campaigning and even a volcano the year before, effected Lee’s soldiers during the Antietam Campaign.

Chapter Four: Outrunning a Bullet
Recounting the efforts to defeat the minié-ball and the rifled musket and how new, innovative tactics were tested and confirmed during the campaign.

Chapter Five: The Biorhythms of Command
Applying the day-to-day biological processes of the body, as well as military precedent and tradition, to Lee’s decision to fight at Sharpsburg.

Chapter Six: Anatomy of a Crime
The search for clues to the West Woods debacle, found in Sumner’s reliance on experience (his inductive reasoning) in making decisions.

Chapter Seven: Combat, Chemistry and the Code
Revealing the more brutal incidents of Antietam through the body’s chemical reactions to danger, and the so-called “unwritten code” of battle.

Chapter Eight: Bloody Lane and Bloody Gulch
Carving out the myths surrounding the Confederate defense of the Sunken Road, and why those myths persist to this day.

Chapter Nine: The Reserve at Antietam
Mining the testimony and evidence about the Union Reserve at Antietam, and what they reveal about historical scholarship then – and now.

Chapter Ten: Guardians of the Constitution
How and why the professional officer corps prevented a coup d’etat of the Lincoln administration following the Battle of Antietam.


With dozens of maps, photos, paintings & diagrams

The Antietam Effect

Diagram from Chapter 2


Map from chapter 7

Map from Chapter 7


Lee’s army crosses the Potomac near Leesburg, September 5, 1862

Chapter 1: Lee’s army crosses the Potomac near Leesburg, September 5, 1862


Men of the Sixth Wisconsin (right) heckling stragglers on the march

Chapter 4: Men of the Sixth Wisconsin (right) heckling stragglers on the march


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