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The Reenactors

The Reenactors

Narrated by Gerald McRaney
A two-hour documentary film on the phenomenon of reenacting the American Civil War. (DVD)

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The Reenactors


The Reenactors is a documentary with a heart. It takes a comprehensive look at Civil War reenacting as a sociological phenomenon. As such it does not limit the viewer to modern-day “weekend warriors” and their fascination with a war from 150 years ago. It looks at family life, and the domestic battles that are often waged in order to leave home to attend events in far-away places. A Confederate reenactor is captured in his home life of western Virginia – following him as he leads a most unusual roundtable: a discussion group made up of prisoners in a state penitentiary. The northern reenactor is equally colorful, believing that he has a mystical connection with a veteran from his hometown of Bath, Maine. These men fight, and meet, on the field at Gettysburg, the battle providing a huge backdrop to the experience of these men who seem to be caught in the wrong century. Narrated by Gerald McRaney (Simon and Simon, Major Dad), “The Reenactors” is a two-hour adventure into the dual half-life of dedicated reenactors – living in the world today, but with one foot planted firmly in the past.


Narrated by Gerald McRaney

Narrated by Gerald McRaney

Combat scenes from "The Reenactors"

Combat scenes from The Reenactors